KWWD  - The Archangel  Christian Radio

                                   Greetings from the Most High !!!
We hope that you find everything that thou search-eth for. KWWD The Archangel Christian Radio,  is focused on sharing Gods word, through the pathos of music, preaching the glorious gospel of the Last Message of Mercy, together with the Loud Cry, of the Third Angel. By the Grace of God, we will try, to do our best, to make this station, an acceptable offering to God filled with  praise and thanksgiving .
KWWD The Archangel Christian Radio, has created a playlist to be an inspiration, for us all  to meditate the great sacrifice, of our Lord Jesus Christ, to fill our lives with continuous praise and thanksgiving, to  the Creator of the Universe.  As we consider music, as just as much as the Message in the written word . We hope, to make your visit as  a blessing with full of  praises to God . Please look around and help us improve this station. If you have any comments or suggestions, send us an email at: We hope to see you again. May God Bless you.

Greetings Intro
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